Karthikeyan “Karthik” Aaravabhoomi

Matt Dowle

Karthik Aaravabhoomi



In his 3+ years at Capital One, Karthik has been the architect and delivery lead for multiple Big Data initiatives within Enterprise Data Service Organization. He is one of the initial members who was responsible for architecting and building the team to delivery Cyber Security use cases leverage Big Data and Open source solutions. Prior to his current role, Karthik was one of the key leads for Business Data Lake, under his leadership the team has build many of the framework which are currently being used. He also was the lead for Enhanced Transaction Services roll out.

Prior to joining Capital One, Karthik worked at Experian where he was responsible for architecting, building and delivering a bureau which was rolled out as a product to multiple geographies where Experian did business. The product was one of the mainstays for Experian in the global market. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from India and an MBA from University of California, Irvine.

Karthik lives in Richmond, V.A. with his wife and two kids.

Building a Real-Time Security Application Using Log Data and Machine Learning

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