Bernard Burg

Bernard Burg

Bernard Burg

Data Scientist


Bernard spearheads the data analytics team at Comcast Silicon Valley. Our mission is to improve the user experience by monitoring the behavior of our networks, predict their performance and implement self-healing. Bernard earned a PhD in machine learning with a focus on behavioral modeling.

Better Customer Experience with Data Science

Comcast is the third largest Internet provider worldwide, managing massive networks which deliver connectivity and streaming content to millions of customers. Such networks face complex maintenance and troubleshooting issues. We use Machine Learning to analyze and model error patterns to continuously assess the health of our network and ensure a smooth experience for every user. This is supported with a Decision Engine, which can be configured to take appropriate remedial actions such as customer notifications and self-healing directives.

We describe the architecture capable of scaling and handling billions of events per day and explain how H20 helps to implement the underlying learning models. We illustrate the superiority of H2O algorithms in all of the following: accuracy, speed and memory footprint with comparisons to other systems such as Spark ML.

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